Secure Storage

WillScan adheres to rigorous standards of security.

The systems supporting WillScan are Enterprise class, built on the same technology deployed in the worlds leading global corporations, and public sector secure facilities.

Documents are scanned and submitted to WillScan using HTTPS so that all information is sent over an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.

Once received, the images are archived to a secure data centre, providing a level of protection significantly greater than the majority of online archives and corporate databases.

Our systems and processes have been designed and built to levels of security which exceed Impact Level 3 (IL3), the UK government standard for storage of information given a protective marking of Restricted. One important aspect of IL3 is that data must not be stored outside the UK.

We run our systems on servers in high security ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA180001-certified datacentres in the UK. Our datacentres have 24x7 manned security and require both iris scanning and contactless entry cards to gain physical access through the airlock-style doors.

Digital security is provided by Dell SonicWALL gateway firewalls meeting the EAL4+, FIPS 140-2, VPNC and ICSA Firewall 4.1 security standards. The firewalls provide a variety of real-time security services including: inline gateway anti-virus; anti-spyware; intrusion prevention; content filtering; application intelligence and control; botnet and geographical IP blocking.

The archive copies held by WillScan are not directly accessible via the internet.

All administrative staff employed by WillScan are security cleared, and all PCs are encrypted to standards set by the Government Cabinet Office for the protective marking of Restricted and Confidential data, which includes hard drive encryption and biometric password protection.

All Wills are converted and stored as Adobe® PDF/A format, the ISO 19005-1 Standard for long-term PDF format archiving.

Unless requested to, no WillScan staff will access or view an uploaded Will, other than to perform periodic random quality control checks. A complete and verifiable read-level audit trail is held for all Will copies from the moment they are scanned, and is held for the full life of the document.

The standards of audit and storage are designed to support BSI BIP 0008-1:2008, the British Standard relating to Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Information Stored Electronically, in the event that the original Will cannot be located.

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