The Purpose of WillScan

A Will is perhaps the most important legal document you will ever write. However in order for your last wishes to be properly carried out, first your most recent Will has to be found, and then it has to be submitted unaltered to probate.

Some common problems can prevent this from happening, for example:

  • Your Will cannot be found

  • The first person to find your Will is likely to be a beneficiary and may not pass it on to probate if they don’t agree with the contents

  • Your Will may be altered before it is submitted to probate

  • A third party may hold an old copy of an earlier Will, and submit this to probate if they are unaware that a more recent Will exists

  • Your Will may be lost, damaged, or destroyed by fire or flood, wherever it is held

  • Many years may pass between the making of the Will and the testator’s death, increasing the likelihood of the original being lost or destroyed

  • Your WIll may be held by a third party company which no longer exists or has moved premises

  • Your Will may be held in a safety deposit box, which cannot be released to the executor, because only the Will itself names the executor

  • Family members may enter into undignified disputes regarding the contents and validity of the Will

  • The witnesses and/or beneficiaries cannot be identified

WillScan eliminates these problems, giving you peace of mind, and ensuring your Last Will and Testament is carried out. Once your Will has been written and signed, a copy is scanned and sent for storage in the WillScan secure electronic archive. This provides a permanent, backed up, tamper-proof reference copy of your Will, to protect your beneficiaries and ensure your last wishes are respected.