Supporting Better Regulation

Anyone can write their own will, and anyone can operate as a will-writer without any training, qualifications or insurance protection.

However, the drafting of a will and making provision for distribution of an estate through probate can engage complex legal and financial areas, often involving technical issues of tax, trusts, and property rights. There may be complicated family arrangements and  diverse investments that may mean professional advice and planning is required to protect your beneficiaries from potential problems including dishonesty, fraud, and significant costs with no redress. Will-writing is unlike other legal activities in that most mistakes or defects are not found until after the client has died, making rectification difficult or impossible.

WillScan supports the proposals by the Legal Services Board to make will-writing and estate administration regulated legal services, regardless of who provides them. We therefore insist that our affiliated members carry indemnity insurance and adhere to an acceptable Code of Practice, and are regulated either by the Law Society or the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW).

Most Solicitors and Willwriters will be happy to check DIY and home-written wills for potential problems, as part of their submission to WillScan.

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