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About WillScan

WillScan is the UK’s premier independent provider of secure electronic storage for Will copies.

WillScan storage is available to anyone in the UK who wants to ensure that their Will can be easily found, and that their wishes are carried out without alteration or disputes.

The team behind WillScan has a heritage in designing, building and running secure databases and document management systems for clients in the public and private sector, including confidential systems for the Home Office, MoD and DWP.

Combining best-in-class front end document capture technology with the leading electronic document management solutions in our datacentres, WillScan provides Enterprise Class secure electronic document archiving for the UK's Will Writing professionals.

WillScan supports calls for the regulation of will-writing, and so our service is only available through registered Solicitors, and Professional Willwriters who provide professional liability insurance and adhere to an acceptable Code of Practice.

DIY wills can be uploaded via registered WillScan members.

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WillScan is compatible with all of the existing UK National Will Registers and Will Banks, and provides a valuable complementary service to help safeguard your last wishes.